Dealing with Diabetes with Elissa Renouf from Diabete-Ezy

In this episode we talk to Elissa Renouf all about her journey of managing 5 children with Diabetes and how she started her business Diabete-Ezy to help families in need.

Elissa's Bio 

I have five beautiful children – four boys and a girl, aged between 24 and 15. I grew up on a 620-hectare farm about 10 minutes outside the small town of Murgon which is about 240km north west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia . I left high school in Year 11 to start a hairdressing apprenticeship. In 1988, I transferred my apprenticeship to a Brisbane salon, got married at 19 and lived in the city suburbs for the next seven years. My enduring love for the country and animals led my family to purchase a 16 hectare property in Samford, about 30 minutes from Brisbane, where we have lived for the past 19 years. On the property, I breed Belted Galloway Cattle and Suffolk Sheep. I also have a camel, donkey, goat, alpaca, chooks, ducks, geese, swans, pheasants, three dogs and a cat!

In 1993, about six weeks after having my first child, Sam, his father Steven developed Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 22. Even though two of my uncles on my father’s side had Type 1 Diabetes, I didn’t really understand much about the disease. At the time of Steven’s diagnosis, we inquired about the odds of Sam getting Type 1 and the doctors explained that it was only about a five per cent chance.

Steve and I went on to have another two children – Billy born in 1994 and Sunita born in 1996. When Sunita was six-months-old, I developed Graves Disease (overactive thyroid) which is also an auto-immune disease like diabetes, which I treat with tablets which keeps my levels under control. We often wondered whether the children had a risk of getting either one of the diseases but were still told by the specialists that they had only about a five per cent chance

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