Suicide Prevention with Hudson Harris from Pandon

In this episode we talk to Hudson Harris from Pandon about steps we can take to ensure we are in the best shape possible from a mental health perspective.

Hudson's Bio 

In a nutshell (why would I be in a nutshell), I am a natural communicator who likes to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions. I achieve success by tapping my analytical skills, human-centered design experience, and ability to connect with others to make information digestible and create change.

- 2019 SXSW Panelist
- 2019 SXSW Moderator
- 2019 SAP Innovation Award Winner - Next-Gen
- 2019 HIMSS Speaker
- 2019 SAP Marketing Campaign Focus - Suicide Awareness
- 2018 Amazon Summit Speaker
- 2018 SAP Innovation Award Winner - Digital Transformation
- 2018 SAP Sapphire Speaker
- 2018 SAP Marketing Campaign on Suicide Prevention and Criminal Justice
- 2018-2019 Media Exposure - Business Insider, Forbes, HCA, et al

Frobes Magazine - HarrisLogic Uses Technology To Help Slow The Rising Tide Of Suicide Rates

SAP Event - See How HarrisLogic is Helping Prevent Suicides with Predictive Analytics


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