"I Will Change Your Life in 90 Days, Guaranteed!"




Clint Vosloo

My moto/mantra when coaching is "Let it be Easy". I will change your life in 90 days, guaranteed ! 

I have a deep passion for all things health and fitness which is evident in every aspect of my life.

As a result of my own personal journey after 22 years running a global IT consultancy company travelling and speaking around the world, I shifted my focus to helping people and moved into the realm of coaching, building a successful coaching business focussed on helping men recover from divorce and separation.

In 2020 my coaching journey evolved even more after discovering the WILDFIT program. As an ex competitive athlete one part of my life that was well hidden over the years was my weight and body image issues.

From my exposure and the knowledge gained from WILDFIT’s 90 day program, I transformed my body, mind and relationship with food for good and knew immediately this was the message that I was here to share. I am now a Certified WILDFIT Health Coach working with clients all around the world – Sharing my passion and knowledge around nutrition and living my dream of assisting people heal their lives with food.

I am also a Certified Mindvalley Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and work for WILDFIT as a Living WILDFIT Support Coach.

When I'm not coaching or speaking on stage you would find me in the ocean (Surfing, Kiting, Foiling & Sailing!!) or chasing after my 3 kids

Want to Get in Touch ? 

I offer a completely free 30 minute Discovery Call so that we can connect and see if we are a right fit for each other. 

I look forward to chatting with you and to learn more about where you are at in life and most importantly, where you want to be in life !



Do you want to know more about my back story and my WIDLFIT 90 Journey ?

I have recorded a completely free Masterclass where I talk all about my life story and the struggles I had over the years with my body image, weight and food. If you feel that you're alone in your struggles then ensure that you listen to this Masterclass to hear the struggles that I had as they are so common to many out there.

Listen to WILDFIT's Founder Eric Edmeades life story and how and why he created WILDFIT on my Podcast

I had the unique opportunity to sit down, virtually, with Eric to talk through his life story and how the program that we now know as WILDFIT came into fruition.