FREE Mini Course: Understanding the Six Human Hungers

Have you ever considered why you get hungry ? And when you get hungry and choose something to eat have you ever considered why you choose the food you do ? 

In this completely free Mini Class, Clint will walk you through the 6 Human Hungers which are a part of the WILDFIT Methodology. 

There are 6 daily lessons, each under 5 minutes long, so register below now to start getting an understanding of your 6 hungers.


Essential 8

The Essential 8 course is an 8 week program specifically designed to help men who are struggling to come to terms with life after divorce.

We've used the 80/20 principle here and taken the 8 essential lessons/learnings from the Recovering from Ground Zero course to ensure that you get the biggest benefit with the smallest time investment possible.


Finding Your Why

The more men we deal with,  the more we realise that many guys out there struggle to find out what their real purpose is in life is.

In this special collaboration project with the Mojo Maker, Nikki Fogden-Moore, we have put together a 8 week course based on a tried and tested framework to ensure that you have a plan and template in place to map out the life that you've always wanted.


Recovering from Ground Zero

The Recovering from Ground Zero course is our most comprehensive and in-depth course offering.

With close to 60 lessons we go deep into the many aspects of recovering and healing from divorce in a complete and wholistic way.

There are also bonus modules for those who have had to deal with Infidelity and/or Narcissism.