Conflict and The Realm of Possibility with Sarah Liyanage-Denney from Kinspace

In this episode we talk to Sarah Linage-Denney all about how to manage conflict and come to a resolution. Remember it only takes one person to shift the dynamic to get you to a yes. 

Sarah's Bio 

At Kin Space, we exist to improve the world of work. We do this through creating healthier workplace interactions through guided interactive learning experiences.

I believe in working environments where all individuals advocate as much for one another as they do the company’s purpose.

Through my experience with and research across an array of industries, I have observed a universally causal link between organisational culture and people performance.

As founder of Kin Space, I apply my expertise in the presentation and facilitation of empathy building and behaviour change programs across executive and operational teams using VR (Virtual Reality).

Our interactive learning environments depict and replicate “real world” scenarios and outcome-focused experiences to deliver increased knowledge and understanding, behavioural change and application.

A selection of clients include Haynes Group, NTUC Income, Equal Reality, and James Hardie.

Enhancing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and soft skills via our behaviour modification learning programs and tools, we strengthen cultures through trust-building and an increased sense of belonging and contribution.

As a result, your people will perform better, advocate company culture, and ultimately stay with you longer.

Additionally sitting on the Board of Directors for NFP Bridging Lanka, I work directly with this team, facilitating organisational alignment in an emergent and dynamic landscape.

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