The Why Series with Lauren Verona from Zenko Yoga

In this episode we talk to Lauren Verona about her life story and how she navigated her way from running a successfull PR business in Melbourne to shifting to her true passion of running and owning a Yoga Studio. We then dive into your move to the Sunshine Coast, chat about the struggles and challenges of divorce and how she managed to rise out from her darkest day to now own 4 yoga studios on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 

Lauren's Bio 

Ever since I came to yoga everything in my life has changed. Yoga has awoken my soul and the spirit within me. Yoga to me is about finding the joy in life by being authentic and real to yourself.

My dream is for every single person to try a yoga class, and to inspire people to seek change and transformation within. My goal is to imbue yoga with laughter and joy and to motivate people to push their boundaries and and try something new. I have guided hundreds of people to connect with their true sense of purpose through yoga, so that they can become the best version of themselves.

Join me in the studio, practice LIVE classes with me online, join me on retreat or practice with me at an upcoming event. See the links below for more information.

The Zenko Yoga Story

Zenko yoga was founded by Lauren Verona. 

Lauren opened and operated 2 yoga studios in Melbourne in 2010 and in 2013 before moving her family to the coast for a lifestyle change. 

Zen means the 'contemplative state’ and Ko is the Japanese word for child. The aim of yoga, and Zenko is to bring the mind back to a child like state, free of anxiety and concern. The name Zenko, was created, as most of Lauren's ideas are,  through meditation. Her original studios were called 'Kozen' and the terms were reversed when opening up the 3rd and 4th studio in Queensland.

Lauren doesn’t believe in looking outside the studio for teachers, suppliers or tradies, as anything she ever needs turns up at reception. This is how all of her teachers have been discovered. 

Zenko Yoga opened its doors with ten classes per week and have more than quadrupled with 4 studios across the Sunshine Coast (and perhaps more to come) offering over 20 classes each per week.

Zenko Yoga is often referred to by it's members as a healing sanctuary and the minute you step foot in the door, you discover that for yourself.

We support local businesses and schools, hold community events, exhibit at lifestyle expos, support charities, host workshops and invite guests to share our space. We offer a range of therapies in house for clients to complement their practise and growth as they enter the yoga journey. We hold retreats in house and internationally. 

What does Zenko mean?
ZEN:     Contemplative still mind, pinnacle of achievement, inner peace.
KO:       Child (Japanese)
Zenko: To achieve a child-like contemplative state of mind. That is what yoga is to us.

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