From Divorce to Destiny with Tiffany Harnsongkram

In this episode we talk to the founder of From Divorce to Destiny,  Tiffany Harnsongkram.

This is a fascinating and crazy, in a good way, episode on Tiffanys life story to date on how she was faced with a lot of challenges and how she over came those and rose above it all to be where she is today. 

Tiffany's Bio

Tiffany is Founder of From Divorce to Destiny. She also holds positions as Chief Human Officer at Human Unlimited, and as Co-Founder of Legacy Mentors, a mentorship firm tailored for the needs of the wealthiest families and business leaders on the planet. She serves as advisor for organisations including W/M Nexus, Ethical Markets, and Njovu Foundation. For years, she organised impactful conferences, luncheons and retreats worldwide.

Tiffany also has three nationalities and three continents that she calls home. Through this “small world” lense, her life mission is to bring people together for the creation of inner wealth. She also holds a Masters in Territorial Development and a certification as a Soma NeuroMuscular Integration Therapist.

She went through a high-conflict divorce that included high-conflict custody changes, international litigation and offshore holdings - the kind that made all the judges and attorneys heads start spinning. Because of this experience, she is well aware that it takes two to tango, but only one to set the house on fire. She is well aware that the family court systems are totally unprepared and uneducated in dealing with high conflict family matters. And she know that the real victories are not in the courtroom or to be measured in dollars, they are in our ability to claim our power, our sacred life's purpose. 

Working with Tiffany

I am Divorce Educator and Ally to people all over the globe.  My clients are people who:

  • want to take the "high road" with or without the other person

  • have a computer and know how to wield it

  • are highly intelligent achievers

  • are fully invested into their rebirth process

  • are responsible and stable but in temporary need of support

  • want to feel fully alive again!

Is this you? Then we are ready to go! 

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