In this episode we talk to Dr Kassi Klein from Blokes in Mind all about her work in Men's Mental Health. 

Kassi's Bio 

Dr Kassi Klein is a Medical Doctor (BSc/MBBS) working in Mental Health, and a Lifestyle Medicine Physician (International Society of Lifestyle Medicine) - a field which focuses on preventative and holistic approaches to managing chronic illnesses including depression and anxiety. 

Dr Kassi advocates for Men’s Mental Health & is the founder of Blokes in Mind - a Men’s Mental Wellbeing initiative dedicated to helping young men optimise their mind health. Basing her work on the latest research, biomedical science, psychology, lifestyle medicine and her personal clinical experience, she hopes to bring more awareness to this seemingly quiet topic of conversation, to help men overcome the struggles of the modern world and to discover the tools they need to develop mental strength and resilience.

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