Do you want to transform your enterprises productivity in 90 days through physical health and mental well-being?

Knowing that inspired workers are 55 % more productive than an average employee, can you afford not to get your team running at an optimal and an inspired level? 

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Did you know... 62 % of your employees

consider mental health their top challenge

Now, more than ever, the mental health of your employees needs to be your highest priority.  The last 18 months during the pandemic has tested everyone’s mental resolve and have left many feeling disconnected, fearful and having a sense of being alone.

I will work with your team over 90 days to make them think clearer and sharper than they ever have before, giving them even more productivity and a new lease on life.


Did you know... Employees are 55% more

 productive when they feel inspired 

This statistic really blew me away. As I mentioned in my video above, if you have a team of 20 people who all become inspired then you are adding an additional head count of 11 employees with zero additional cost to your bottom line.... that’s crazy !

 I’ve witnessed many miracles while coaching the 90-day WILDFIT challenge. To me, one of the most rewarding benefits is seeing people going from completely flustered, overwhelmed and “busy” to getting their weekly to-do lists done in one day and then seeing them start looking for additional projects and work within their organisation.


Did you know... 33 % of your employees

feel disconnected from your company, culture and their colleagues ! 

Now more than ever, employees (well everyone really), is looking for their tribe, their team or a community where they can belong.

I have seen first-hand, through my group coaching, how I can bring complete strangers from around the world together and see them forge lasting friendships and bonds that will last an eternity. 

Imagine what WILDFIT and my group coaching could do for the camaraderie in your company ? This is the perfect opportunity to reunite your disconnected work force through the joint focus and common goal of better health, mental clarity and vitality.


Did you know... $42 Billion was the cost to the Australian Economy 

last year due to the lost hours of work during the pandemic 

The financial loss to the global economy due to the decrease in productivity  during the pandemic has been catastrophic.

I, by nature, prefer to focus on the positives and look at the opportunities of how much your company could gain from having an inspired workforce. I asked one of my past clients, and business owners, how much value WILDFIT added to his business over the 90 days and his answer even astounded me. It was … “At least a couple of Million Dollars”.


Did you know... 29 pounds 

was the average weight gain per person during the pandemic

The COVID 10… or as it turns out 29 pounds/13 kg’s is a real thing. The affect that this additional body weight has had on everyone weighs far more heavily on them than the scale would suggest.

Watch this video of some of my past clients having a few quiet words to their former self and notice how more alert, lighter and proud they are now with the new version of themselves.