WILDFIT Success Story - Chris Rae - One on One Coaching

Chris is a good friend of mine who through watching my personal transformation reached out to me for help.

Internally Chris had made all the important decision to change his life so instead of opting for the Group Coaching, which was only due to start in 6 weeks from when Chris made that internal shift, we opted to get Chris started immediately with one on one coaching and his results have been astounding. 

Chris is not yet done with his weight loss goals and we are still working closely together to ensure that he achieves his personal ideal weight and gets the job done once and for all.

Part 1

  • 0:13 - In 10 words or less, explain how WILDFIT has changed your life ? 
  • 0:31 - What did you have to change in your day to day life to make your WILDFIT journey a success ? 
  • 0:48 - What is WILDFIT in your words ? 
  • 1:10 - What have you done in the past to try and lose weight ? And how successful have you been ?
  • 1:57 - Were any of the things you tried in the past  sustainable ? 
  • 2:04 - Do you see WILDFIT being an integral part of your life and sustainable ? 
  • 3:12 - How easy has it been to make Living WILDFIT part of your daily life now?
  • 3:43 - Now that you have completed the program, how many additional hours would you say you have per day based on your increased energy and focus?
  • 4:25 - How easy or difficult did you find it to prepare the food during WILDFIT ?
  • 4:40 - How easy or difficult was it for you to adhere to the program?

Part 2

  • 0:13 - Explain the feeling, from a mental clarity and focus perspective, when the lights come on again?
  • 0:54 - How has your body changed? 
  • 1:50 - Do you want to talk about how many belt sizes you lost ? 
  • 2:57 - As we’ve discussed you still have weight loss goals, how achievable do you think those are now that you have WILDFIT as part of you arsenal? 
  • 3:19 - Did you exercise during the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge ? 
  • 4:11 - How has your mood and your calmness changed ?
  • 4:55 - How was WILDFIT benefitted you as a husband and a father?
  • 5:51 - How much value, in $ terms again, do you see WILDFIT adding to you and your family for the rest of your life?
  • 7:28 - Now that you’ve been through it, what you say to that guy, old Chris whose perhaps sitting on the fence ?

Part 3

  • 0:13 - How was WILDFIT benefitted you as a business owner?
  • 0:54 - If you had to put a $ value on it, how much has WILDFIT added to your life over the last 90 days ? 
  • 2:28 - Do you want to tell the story about the helicopter, and how you started the journey of getting under 110kg ?
  • 5:53 - Do you remember what you weighed when you finished up with your personal trainer what you weighed ?
  • 6:04 - What did you weigh this morning ? 
  • 6:08 - How many times did you exercise during WILDFIT ? 
  • 6:13 - How much has your life changed and how much excitement do you have for the future now?

Part 4

  • 0:16 - How’s WILDFIT helped you having the energy and the day to day life around the farm?
  • 2:44 - How special are those moments with your son ? 
  • 5:21 - To anyone whose watching, sitting on the fence, worrying about the investment, what would you say to them?
  • 7:25 - How helpful was it to have Clint as a coach and a sounding board to guide you through the journey?

Want to Learn More 

For the busy professional or high achiever who have finally decided to make their health and mental clarity a priority then this coaching is for you. 

Clint will work with you to fit into your already busy schedule to ensure that all your coaching calls fit into your calendar to guarantee that you achieve maximum success through your WILDFIT 90 transformation.